Oilfield Equipment

The domestic oil and gas sector is expanding at a rapid pace. New oil and gas businesses are emerging daily and are in need of oilfield equipment, gas drilling equipment, and general drilling equipment. With the combination of newly discovered oil and gas reserves, more efficient ways of extracting the gas and oil, and increased domestic and global energy demands, those with a desire to drill have promising futures provided they have the proper equipment and the general knowledge required of this industry. When it comes to putting new or used oilfield equipment into the hands of driller’s,┬áPetromex Industrial Supply has a massive selection and the infrastructure required to connect buyers and sellers of these components. What Is Available? There are so many different types of oil drilling equipment that it helps to have them all represented in one place – Petromex Industrial Supply . A search for oil equipment will uncover items such as accumulators, blowout preventers, and general casing or pipe handling tools. Even well-established companies need to replace their general gas well equipment and supplies from time to time, and this forum is an efficient way to connect to those vendors who have what you need – at the right price. You can view images of many pieces of equipment online, or in person, and a detailed description is also provided by the seller. Age, exact product specifications, and model details are generally provided to help you make an educated choice. A variety of rotary equipment, tongs, triplex pumps, and powerful mud pumps are available for purchase, as are a plethora of other relevant pieces of machinery and equipment. Why Petromex Industrial Supply? Petromex Industrial Supply has a massive inventory of new oilfield equipment. A quick search uncovers thousands of unique items for sale – many in new or nearly new condition. Our mission is to connect buyers and sellers of new and used oil field equipment in a fast, efficient, and honest manner. Don’t find exactly what you need? Simply complete the “Want-To-Buy” form on the top of each search page, complete the required contact information, and tell us what you are looking for! We will forward this information to those suppliers that advertise with us and they will contact you directly with available options. Regardless of what type of oil drilling equipment you are seeking,┬áPetromex Industrial Supply ┬ácan help!


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